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MachineMetrics Developers

Guides, References, and Best Practices for Developers


Flexibility is critical to getting the data that drives change. Aggregate data is available through our Production APIs for historical reporting which enable comparing the performance of machines, cells, shifts, operators, setups, downtime, quality, and alarms over time.


Connecting systems allows you to automate the way data flows within your organization. Our APIs make it simple to connect factory floor systems like ERPs to get accurate data in and out. Workflows can be built using no-code tools, but they can also be extended with your own code (or directly) through webhooks in to and out of other systems.


Knowing what your machines are doing in-the-moment allows for issues to be resolved before they start costing you money. GraphQL allows for real-time machine and operational data to be streamed to a custom interface for your operators, engineers, and floor supervisors to react quickly with data. All of your data is available to you, now.